Many international tax complexities and planning opportunities present themselves from relocating people, businesses and wealth to and from New Zealand. Advanced planning will ensure that the maximum benefits are safeguarded and that the migration is completed in a tax efficient manner. Timing and appropriate planning is everything.

Covisory Partners can work with you and your existing advisors to solve these international tax complexities and take advantage of the planning opportunities. If you prefer we have an established network of legal, tax, accounting and private banking professionals throughout the world: UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Liechtenstein, Malta and Spain just to name a few. Most of our team will encounter an exposure to a foreign jurisdiction tax system on a daily basis.

Tax havens can be hard to find, but can still be effectively used. Many of our clients are leaving New Zealand in pursuit of the enjoyment of tax free living whether it be Australia, Europe, Caribbean, etc.

Covisory Partners would welcome your enquiries, talk to us about your business and family needs and how we can help you can meet them.

Sub Practices for Migration to and from New Zealand

• Tax residency
• Redomiciliation
• Corporate taxation and income repatriation
• Indirect taxation VAT/ GST
• Cross border mergers and acquisitions
• Double Tax Agreements

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