Covisory Management (previously Barry Tuck CA Ltd), is a specialist trust and business advisory firm, set up by Barry Tuck in April 2009.

Covisory Management joined with the Covisory Group of Companies in June 2014. Covisory Management provides an independent trust and business advisory service. We are Chartered Accountants and members of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.

How Can Covisory Management Help You?

A core value of Covisory Management is that we share your desire for good long term business relationships. We regularly work as a specialist high level consultant to Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, and Bankers both here in New Zealand and Internationally. We are well regarded by the clients with whom we are professionally associated for providing an outcome focused and practical business approach.

In order to help our clients to achieve their personal or business goals we provide a full range of:

+ Tax Services
+ Business Solutions
+ Consulting Services
+ Trust Services; and
+ Personal Solutions

Barry Tuck is a highly respected professional Business & Trust adviser specialising in Company and Trust Governance, Business Valuation, Litigation Support, Commercial Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring. Barry’s extensive business career has been equally divided between senior corporate responsibilities both in New Zealand and internationally and over the last 20 years in assisting as an independent adviser to a diverse range of individuals, business owners, company directors and trustees.

The boutique nature of the Covisory Group of companies is that it allows our team to work closely with clients to understand their requirements today and their aspirations for the future. We recognise that everyone is different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We will tailor a solution to your specific needs and circumstances to protect and maximise your assets, your wealth, to achieve your goals and to ensure tax efficiency.

Our job is to give you the information you need, but we make sure that you are in the driving seat at all times.

Please contact Barry to discuss how he or one of our team can assist you and your business.