Nigel Smith is well known in the industry for successfully handling and defending tax payer disputes against the Inland Revenue Department.

Tax disputes often arise as a result of the complexity of the current tax legislation. With ever changing legislation these disputes are not just going to disappear. They are often stressful for the tax payer.

Disputes between the Inland Revenue Department (lRD) and the tax payer can be lengthy and very frustrating for the tax payer. Disputing an assessment and dealing with the IRD, when the IRD embarks on a tax payer audit or investigation, requires skilful handling and approach. Being well versed in the process and strategies that can be employed and pitfalls to avoid are vital for achieving the most cost effective and beneficial outcome for the tax payer.

Covisory Partners are here to help and would welcome your enquiry if you are facing a dispute with the IRD or have received an unpleasant or worrying letter of enquiry.