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Client Testimonials

‘Nigel understands family wealth issues well. I have just made him my trustee and executor.’

High net worth, receives family trust & tax advice

‘He has a friendly approach – he’s a guy you can relate to. And he works at our speed – double the speed of other tax partners.’

Business Owner, receives taxation & business advice

‘Nigel is there to steer the ship and make sure our strategy is on the straight and narrow. He’s so much a part of our business. He’s the best thing we’ve ever had.’

Family Business Owner, Receives governance advice

‘He’s better than the big firms. You’re dealing with the butcher, not the block’

Business Owner, receives family wealth advice

‘Nigel is someone I’d send my son to have lunch with and get a lecture on life. I can’t think of a better person to do that.’

PROPERTY DEVELOPER, receives family trust & tax advice

‘He can advise where it’s not a pure tax or accounting issue, where there are a lot of scenarios.’

Business Owner, receives business and taxation advice

‘I would recommend Nigel for constructive criticism and advice where the situation is complicated and a lot of money is involved – businesses, family, and trusts.’

Business Owner, receives business and taxation advice

‘Nigel Smith has a no-nonsense, straightforward approach. He is very effective  and responds immediately – and is to-the-point, not waffly.’

Business Owner, Receives strategic advice


    Covisory Partners understands the intergenerational challenges

    Private Clientele


    Covisory Partners has specialist taxation experts for first or second opinion on IRD disputes and international transactions.

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  • The Team

    The Team

    Covisory Parters utilises the sound skills of a few key individuals. It also surrounds itself with extremely highly regarded specialists.

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