The boutique nature of Covisory allows the team to work closely with you to understand your family’s requirements today and your aspirations for the future. With Covisory we embrace your situation and advise clearly and accordingly. Your family affairs don’t come after all other business is dealt with as we see you and the family as our primary focus.

At Covisory Partners we recognise that everyone is different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We will tailor a solution to your specific needs and circumstances to protect and maximise your assets, your wealth, to achieve your goals and to ensure tax efficiency. We can also help you work through the issues associated with what to do with your wealth. How much should go to your children, charities and the balance.

Covisory Partners would welcome your enquiries, talk to us about your business and family needs and how we can help you can meet them.

Sub Practices for Family Office Services

• Personal services such as managing household staff
• Making travel arrangements
• Property Management
• Day-to-day accounting and payroll and Creditor payment activities
• Management of legal affairs.
• Corporate Governance & Statutory Compliance
• Financial Reporting
• Annual Wealth Statements
• Tax Services
• Estate Planning
• Family Management Services

o Governance
o Financial and Investment Education
o Philanthropy coordination
o Succession Planning.

Publications & Media