At Covisory Partners we are frequently called upon to provide business advice to clients which is sometimes outside the scope of what we feel comfortable doing.  As a consequence of this over the years we have built up a team of outside advisors and specialists that we often call on in these situations.

Recently this resulted in a more formalisation of this arrangement with the incorporation of a company called The Board Limited.  Take a look at to read all about our new initiative.

The Board Limited comprises of four high powered individuals (myself included) who have significant business experience.  We each bring a different skill set to the table and the aim is for whatever issues that keep a business owner awake at night, the Board can provide a person or team of people that they can talk to and help them to work through the issues.

The types of areas that The Board is able to handle and advise on includes the following:

  1. Succession planning for a business – whether you should keep, sell or do something else with your business.
  2. How to effectively grow the leadership capability within your business.
  3. What growth opportunities should you pursue in your business.
  4. How to finance growth activities within your business.
  5. Organisational review.
  6. Strategic planning.
  7. Recruitment of boards and CEOs for companies where owners wish to step out but maintain ownership and governance.
  8. Governance reviews.


So if you cannot sleep at night and you are troubled by what to do with your business or issues affecting it, The Board is the solution for you.  Take a look at the website and get in touch.