One of our Australian CA colleagues, David Pritchard from ESV was visiting us earlier this week. While David was at our offices we organised for a number of our CA clients to come and attend a update session of Australian Tax – During the session David covered briefly the general environment structures etc for doing business in Australia and in more detail a tax update on what is changing and issues arising from these changes as well as a detailed look at tax residency rules including temporary residents.

As a number of you missed out attending we had David provided us with a copy of his presentation and he gave us a brief intro to the presentation.

Australia is currently experiencing significant changes in its tax law and compliance processes. The changes reach across public and private companies as well as individuals. Despite private companies and high net worth individuals continuing to experience scrutiny from regulatory authorities the fall in the corporate tax rate and rising individual rates provide planning opportunities. [Click here to look at the Australian Tax Update presentation]

If you would like to know more please contact either Nigel Smith or David Pritchard to discuss.