You may well ask why in earth would I want to access or know about these BUT

The Inland Revenue for the past 5 years have responded to the request of many external users who want access to a range of data about tax revenue and social entitlements. This snap shot of statistics from both the IRD and the Court Statistics provides you with a visual picture of their customer’s world and hence the world you and I work in. Here you can see how trends are moving with the data, both in graphical and spreadsheet form, being provided between the years 2001 – 2013.

Did you know:
o there were 7,391,454 customers registered with the IRD as at 31st March 2013
o In the year to March 2013 11.9 million tax returns were processed
o In the year to June 2013 $53,771 million dollars of revenue was collected

So how could you use this data for you personally or your business….

Link to the Inland Revenue Annual Tax Statistics here