Sadly, in late November Covisory Partners Limited and its mail account was hacked.  How this happened is not really necessary save to say that we have very tight and secure procedures around email accounts and our correspondence with clients.  The scam was very sophisticated, and very very well implemented.  Our particular case has been referred to the police and they are following leads internationally.  Our bank also noted that it was one of the most sophisticated schemes that they had ever seen.

What it does show that despite how vigilant we are, that being hacked sadly is one of the factors in life.  What we did do was that we acknowledged that it had happened and we got in touch with you all immediately.  Sadly, the person who was hacked and ultimately led to us being hacked, didn’t take the same initiative or responsibility.  We took all steps immediately to do exactly what needed to be done and as a result the impact of being hacked was minimised.

You may still continue to get some emails from us and anything suspicious should not be opened and you should contact us first, particularly if it is unexpected.  Sadly for us the email we received was in a form that we typically get from clients and we had no idea that it was anything other than a genuine email from a client.

While many people were quick to say that the new modern world is a lot riskier, it does bring to mind situations in the past where I have seen fraud (and we are talking about fraud here not just the obtaining of email addresses) was perpetuated by the theft of cheque books in the mail, or the washing of cheques with brake fluid.  Fraud has always been a part of our world and to many it is easy money.  All that is changed in the modern world is the technology and the way they go about it.

Once again we apologise for any inconvenience that our being hacked has caused you.  We have taken all steps to resecure our email and to protect your data.  If it makes you feel any better, and it was of little help to us, many users of xtra had their email accounts hacked on the xtra server only a matter of a week or so after we were hacked.  It seems no matter how big or secure you are, no fortress is actually impenetrable.  Welcome to the modern world.