Have you ever wondered how many people actually use LinkedIn? Do you have a professional presence on LinkedIn but wonder if it’s a site worthy of spending your time on?

LinkedIn has been a subject that has been discussed a lot around the Covisory office this year. We’ve been through what’s the point, how do we use it to when and how often… We’ve decided that LinkedIn is definitely a place we will be building Covisory Partners presence in 2014 so please look us up via our emails or Covisory Partners and link to our company page and to the team.

Looking at the latest statistics LinkedIn has definitely grown and moved on from the original perception that it was simply a resume site. LinkedIn is now the premier site for Business People worldwide as they use LinkedIn as an effective business building tool.

Just look at the top 10 countries for LinkedIn and then compare this to their entire population – LinkedIn is definitely making huge steps.

Top 10 Countries With Most People On LinkedIn [November 2013]

  1. USA – 84,851,462
  2. India – 20,959,886
  3. Brazil – 14,623,515
  4. UK – 12,772,853
  5. Canada – 8,095,417
  6. France – 6,103,611
  7. Italy – 5,651,460
  8. Spain – 5,076,834
  9. Mexico – 4,895,155
  10. Australia – 4,688,775


In November you may have noticed that the New Zealand LinkedIn population had reached the 1 million mark (that’s 22.5% of the population of NZ ) and 259 million worldwide. (http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/linkedin-claims-1-million-nz-users-149203)