It is hard to go past the milk powder contamination and its effect on New Zealand as this month’s lead story.  There have been few other instances over the years where brand value has been destroyed or harmed in such a major way so quickly.  The last one that comes to mind was Arthur Anderson where the international accounting firm simply imploded overnight and ceased to exist.  The survivors clung to the life rafts sent out by other firms and ultimately a few were bought to account for their actions which had destroyed the brand built up by many thousands of people over many years.

The problem with the Fonterra scandal appears to be two fold.  Firstly, that they did not act quickly enough and strongly enough.  Secondly, the impact that it had not only on its own brand, but on ‘Brand New Zealand’.

The government has been right to be interested in the result, but again may have some egg on its face if it transpires that the Ministry for Primary Industries has actually reduced its testing and in part that could be one of the reasons why the contamination wasn’t picked up.  All in all, it simply shows that if you have a brand, all your actions may impact upon the value of the brand.  Too often we have people complaining about customer service or product quality.  We all need to be careful that whatever we are doing, it reflects on the brand and values that we believe in.

As a professional dealing in the services industry, this applies not only to the services that we offer to you, but also to the other professionals that we introduce you to when you need assistance.  We have to be careful to vet these to ensure that they are of the highest standard and able to meet your needs and requirements in a most professional and trusting way.  If we did not do this, whatever they do will ultimately impact upon the brand value of not only their business, but ours as well.

It will be interesting to see where all this Fonterra business goes, as ultimately it could have a significant impact on New Zealand’s export sales.

Farewell to Martina

It is with sadness that we advise that Martina Evans has moved on to bigger and better opportunities.  Martina was with us for 2.5 years in total and was a valued member of our team.  We are hoping, in the future, to have Martina become part of our external consultant team.

As usual we continue to have a team to look after you and your needs so don’t hesitate to contact myself or Sally in the first instance if you have any issues.

Kind regards,